How Can YOU Help Save the Sea Turtles from Extinction?

In my previous post, I shared the moving story of how my mom and I got the extraordinary opportunity to rescue baby Sea Turtles by helping them out of the sand and set them off to sea! By lending our help, we give them a greater chance to survive and overcome extinction. Read it here and check out the video!

I’m so grateful to have had that experience and want you to do the same! If you aren’t in a position to travel, no worries, you can still help!

How Can You Help Save The Turtles from Home?

Donate! Donations can be made to SeaTurtle.Org. (Comment below with other donation centers, dedicated to turtles or other endangered animals).

Reduce your plastic footprint and save the Sea! Did you know that plastic straws kill Sea Turtles? Say no to plastic straws, by replacing it with a reusable straw like this one I use and LOVE, Final Straw (they also make great gifts, ask all my friends, haha). Not only straws are dangerous to our ocean and the animals that live there, millions of pounds of plastic pollute our seas everyday. Over 120 countries throughout the world have banned the use of single plastic, until the US and every country joins the movement, it’s our responsibility to reduce use when we can.

My favorite color Final Straw (I use this everyday!)

Recycle whenever possible and sponsor organizations that are dedicated to cleaning up our oceans, like 4ocean. For ever bracelet that is sold one pound of trash is removed from the ocean and coastlines. Bonus, all of their bracelets are made from post consumer recycled plastic and glass. For 15 ways to reduce your plastic use, check out the article here.

4Ocean Bracelet

We have the extraordinary chance to make a difference everyday, no matter how small. Live you most generous life for the well-being of Our planet and the animals we are privileged to live with 🙂


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