Gone Glamping Chapter 1: The Preparation

The crisp fall weather was making me a little nostalgic and as someone who’s done her fair share of river camping, I’m no stranger to the rustic experience. I started to imagine the aroma of scorching campfire on a cool fall night and after seeing an autumn picture on Pinterest, I decided an Ozark Mountain camping trip would be the perfect way to celebrate fall.

This would be no ordinary camping adventure. No, I knew I had to level up. It went a little something like this; 1 part primitive camping, 1 part car-camping and 1 huge part “glamour”. Yes, “Car Glamping” was born! I started my plan. 

For those unfamiliar with “glamping,” this rapidly growing trend isn’t disappearing anytime soon. Glamping is the culmination of primitive camping and the 4-star hotel amenities. Simply put, setting up camp which includes interior decor and accents. lamps, rugs, faux fur blankets, string lights, furniture and a Michelin Star campfire menu. 


The next couple of weeks I decided on my supplies (I wanted to create the complete “glamp” site) my location and menu. As my trusty four-legged sidekick “Sally Boo” and I would be sleeping in my Jeep, space was limited and I had to consider what I wanted to carry with me. 

Why did I opt to sleep in my car vs. in a tent? I weighed the options and considered the benefits; 

  1. The climate could be easily controlled if it was too cold or hot
  2. Since I would be venturing solo (just a girl and her pup) sleeping in my car would be safer at night especially if I found myself in very remote location (which happened!)
  3. I could spend more time shopping for a tent at a later time
  4. Save $$$
  5. A tent on wheels makes moving camp a cinch!


Over the years, my camping gear has dwindled. Items lost in between moves or thrown out, so it was the perfect time to rebuild and in this case customize my camping kit. 

I made two kits; one with camping essentials and another with glamping flair. Remember my cargo space was limited. 

(Complete car glamping kits coming soon).


I needed to decide on a location. Arkansas was the clear first choice. The autumn colors are gorgeously brilliant in the Ozark National Forest right now. 

So this part was a cinch! 

I’ll admit I didn’t do the best job mapping out a camp site prior to my trip, but I was very pleased with the two areas I found when I arrived. 

I decided on two areas; one for Friday night and another for Saturday. Unforeseen circumstances meant I had to break down camp Saturday and find a safer location for the rest of my trip. 

FYI I would not recommend moving “Glamp” sites due to the time and work involved in setting up your space, but in this case it was necessary (more to come on this). 

For any future trips I will spend more time choosing a location especially because I am more familiar with the areas. 


Lastly, I planned my menu. As this was no ordinary camping trip, the menu needed to include gourmet-ish meals that could be prepared and cooked over a campfire. 

Breakfast 🍳:

Turkey Kelbasa and Eggs

Campfire Breakfast Burritos 


Creme brûlée French Pressed Coffee


Lunch sandwich 🥪🥗 :

Camping Mac and Cheese

Dinner 🥘:

Coconut Red Lentil Stew with Kale


Snacks 🍿:




No bake Bourbon Peach cobbler 🍑🥃

Want more camp meals and recipes for your trip? Check out my Pinterest board HERE

We are set!

Whew! Did all my hard work and preparation pay off? 

Check out the Gone Glamping Chapter 2 & 3 for all the fun details of my trip and to see more recommendations for yours!

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