Tavel Guidance in the Face of a World Wide Pandemic

Like many of you, I am in shock over the response to the fast growing Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic. This especially a challenging and confusing time for all of us who like to travel. Many of us, adventure-seekers and travelers are torn between our passion for having for exploration and concerns about the health, safetyContinue reading “Tavel Guidance in the Face of a World Wide Pandemic”

11 of the Best Things to DO and EAT in Breckenridge, CO

Over the past decade or so Colorado has completely transformed, attracting tourists and adventurists worldwide. Colorado is my old stomping grounds (I grew up “shredding gnar” or snowboarding if you’re unfamiliar with skater lingo); and I couldn’t wait to get back on the slopes again! While planning my trip, I realized Breck had so much to offer and can actually be a bit overwhelming,Continue reading “11 of the Best Things to DO and EAT in Breckenridge, CO”

Gone Glamping Chapter 1: The Preparation

The crisp fall weather was making me a little nostalgic and as someone who’s done her fair share of river camping, I’m no stranger to the rustic experience. I started to imagine the aroma of scorching campfire on a cool fall night and after seeing an autumn picture on Pinterest, I decided an Ozark Mountain campingContinue reading “Gone Glamping Chapter 1: The Preparation”

How Can YOU Help Save the Sea Turtles from Extinction?

In my previous post, I shared the moving story of how my mom and I got the extraordinary opportunity to rescue baby Sea Turtles by helping them out of the sand and set them off to sea! By lending our help, we give them a greater chance to survive and overcome extinction. Read it hereContinue reading “How Can YOU Help Save the Sea Turtles from Extinction?”

Rescue Baby Sea Turtles in Cozumel

How did this experience begin? I just returned from taking my mom on her first cruise and first trip out of the country. Since she has never traveled, she had been looking forward to this trip for over a year. So much time and discussion went into planning all of the details, but when itContinue reading “Rescue Baby Sea Turtles in Cozumel”

My Complete Caribbean Island Packing Guide

Are you planning a Caribbean Island getaway?? YES! I’m stoked for your adventure!! So, have you given any thought to what’s going on your suitcase? Maybe I can help 🙂 As someone who is fortunate enough to have visited the breathtaking island of Caye Caulker, Belize eight times over the last couple of years, I’veContinue reading “My Complete Caribbean Island Packing Guide”

5 Must-Visits while Day-Tripping Down Natchez Trace

What’s great about wandering is you can truly plan your trips on a whim. Where should we go? Which route should we take? Should we stop along the way? How long should we stay? Spontaneity gives us the ability to choose our own adventure. And so we did! Last Saturday, I woke to the brightContinue reading “5 Must-Visits while Day-Tripping Down Natchez Trace”

How to Make the Most of Your First Solo Adventure

Congratulations! You are about to embark on your first trip by yourself. The decision to just take the plunge is the biggest hurdle, so celebrate. Think about it, how many times do you hear people say why they don’t travel alone? They don’t have the money, they’re worried about safety, it’s awkward eating at aContinue reading “How to Make the Most of Your First Solo Adventure”