My Complete Caribbean Island Packing Guide

Are you planning a Caribbean Island getaway?? YES! I’m stoked for your adventure!! So, have you given any thought to what’s going on your suitcase? Maybe I can help 🙂

As someone who is fortunate enough to have visited the breathtaking island of Caye Caulker, Belize eight times over the last couple of years, I’ve nearly perfected my packing list. Like most travel, it’s always trial and error, right?! Well, I’ve learned a lot along the way… For example, don’t try to wear a long dress and ride a bicycle across the island. My glamorous dress didn’t look so hot when I got it stuck in the bike chain riding on the beach. It was such a mess that I had to recruit the help of a friend to cut me loose (thanks Andrew!).


• 3-4 swimsuits

• 3 jean shorts

• 3-4 tanks or t-shirts

• 1-2 Lululemon or active shorts

• 1 pair of yoga pant

• 3 swim coverups or light SHORT dresses

• 1-2 sandals

• rashguard – BodyGlove makes some really cute ones

• 1 closed-toe casual shoes or tennis shoes

• 1-2 long sleeve shirt/sweater/light jacket

• Sarong (MUST!!) – Can be used as a travel blanket, dress, coverup, towel to sit on the beach


Poopouri!! (you can thank me later)

• body spray (doubles for room spray)

• travel shampoo and conditioner

• travel toothbrush & toothpaste

travel razor

• dry shampoo – still searching for a fave (what’s yours?)

• lotion

• travel Hairbrush

• hair-ties and Bobby Pins (for diving)

• hand sanitizer


reef friendly sunscreen

• sunburn lotion or cream

• anti-itch lotion or cream

• bug spray – I like Herbal Bug Repellent Roll on from CW Organics &  Off Smooth & Dry travel size

Bonine – anti-nausea for motion sickness (dive boat necessity)

• stomach meds: Pepcid AC, Zophran, Pepto-Bismol

• Benadryl (just in case)

• chapstick

• Excedrine or Tylenol

• hangover prevention – ex: Blowfish, Airborne, Dihydromyriceitin


• small to medium backpack or a light and functional tote  – like my favorite ALOHA Collection of Splash & sand-proof bags. This is my favorite travel carry-on tote bag for exploring the island and dive trips

• aluminum water bottle – Swell make several fun ones. I put a vinyl Mermaid tail on mine 🙂 

• a microfiber towel – I love Sand Cloud towels because they’re lightweight and easy to roll up and carry and can be used for a blanket or shawl

• sunglasses

• small bluetooth speaker

• earbuds, or headphones

• snack bars like Kind – to have in the room or to grab a few when I’m headed out to dive

• dive gear – although most of my gear stays on the island to reduce my airport baggage

• cash & credit card (NOT debit) – the island uses Belizean dollars and US. Make sure to check you destination’s currency.

That’s my list!  I will also enhance this basic list depending on the nature of my travel. Here is my last food for thought, TJ Max and Homegoods have so many resonably priced suitecases. Buy one that is lightweight, has 4 wheels, rolls in any direction (I’m sure there is a term for that), and something in a bright color or easy to spot if you are  checking your bag ANYWHERE including water transfer service.

Have the best time in paradise!!! As they say in Caye Caulker, GO SLOW!!

Please let me know if this list was helpful. Also, what would you add or remove? 

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  1. Love this blog! The travel tips are awesome and the pictures are gorgeous! Thanks for motivating others through your experiences and sharing your adventures us!

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